Studio Shed

This shed has been my main project for a while now, and is nearing completion. I’m constructing a kind of small gantry robot to move a camera through space, frame by frame. Once it’s done I’m getting straight down to two or three projects that have been crowding my head for the last two years. […]

Film Film Film

Hello frens. I have been making a film since I last posted here. Here is a photo of it: with a link to take you to a website all about where it is playing and things like that. Here is a picture of our rosettes, I hope you are pleased for me, it is like being […]

What news, Will?

Filming is Complete! Now starting post production and seeking funding for sound dubbing and voice actors. Have been using Facebook lately more than this blog, Im sorry my anti-corporate friends. It makes it easier to show and ask for things- currently asking for old magazine print ads to make out of date Internet advertising in […]

happy new ears

hallo. hope all is good. I have made a nice page on Facebook for my animation work, called ‘Wrongboy Film Unit’, please go and join it at once. Also a page for ‘Wrongboy’s History of Earth’- however, you may like this page ONLY if you actually own and like the book, Wrongboy’s History of Earth, […]